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Deck and Patio Care started in 1985. The idea of sealing my deck came to me in 1981 when my mother, Irene, almost slipped on my deck.
That week I began researching deck care...

To my disappointment, any education on how to clean and seal wood were nowhere to be found. Basically, only manufacturers selling sealers were available. They all say, "Use me, I'm the best." Seven hundred decks and fifty products later, I was still in search of the perfect sealer.

Frustrated, I sought out the National Forestry Service. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the service provided me with its research. In nature, wood rots in just a few years. Now, take that same wood, mill the wood into 2 x 6 deck boards, and construct a deck eliminating moisture traps. Architectural Digest gives wood an 8-14 year lifespan. Research shows that if you use an oil-based penetrating sealer that follows the dry cell structure line, apply it to the wood every 12-18 months, you can increase the life of the deck to 30-50 years. When you factor it in, the cost of building a new deck doubles every eight years. Sealing a deck correctly just makes good sense.

The combination of procedures now used by Deck and Patio Care are a mix of 19 years of experience, working on over 8,000 decks blended with all the research available. Special stripping, brightening and resealing procedures are unique to our business in every way.

Deck and Patio Care also created workable solutions for sealing pebblestone, flagstone and limestone. We also build new decks, custom deck chairs and benches, outdoor kitchens and paint houses.

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