Deck Cleaning & Sealing in San Antonio

All jobs start by using proper cleaning procedures. Deck and Patio Care technicians will remove all items (plants, pots, tables, chairs, etc.) from the deck.

Most older decks have been sealed before. As a result, the surface of the wood usually has a layer of old sealer, dirt, mildew and mold directly below the sealer layer of wood. Deck and Patio Care starts by spraying an enviornmentally-safe, biodegradable stripping agent on the wood.

Once the deck is saturated with a stripping agent, Deck and Patio Care will powerwash the deck, including railings and sides.

After the cleaning process is finished, we apply an oxalic-based wood brightener. This brightener neutrualizes oxidations tannic acid in the wood.
Once the deck is dry, the sealing process begins. The wood is sprayed with Ready Seal, an oil-based penetrating sealer. Normally, the first applicaton will penetrate 1/8 to 1/4 inch into the wood. As the deck ages, the sealer will be pulled down into the wood.

Resealing is recommended every 10 - 15 months after the previous seal. After the third year, you can go to sealing every other year.

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