House Painting in San Antonio

All exterior painting starts with cleaning the house. First, we spray the entire house with a cleaning agent. This will kill the mold and mildew, and will oxygenate the surface. Before applying the mildicide, we protect your plants and grass. We do this by wetting them with water and covering them with plastic. Working by sections, we move the plastic as we work around the house.

When it comes to paint, we choose a quality brand that will be around a long time. In fact, we buy the best quality of exterior paint sold.

In addition to quality paint, we mix in additives. Additivies are agents the paint stores can add to each can of paint. For exterior use, I always add to the amount of mildicide in the paint. This keeps mold and mildew from growing on the paint. There is also an insecticide additive. It keeps the bugs from building little homes on your house.

If you don't know about color, call an interior designer. They are usually experienced with color.

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