Outdoor Furniture & Outdoor Kitchens

For the past 18 months I've been studying the value of outside kitchens. After cooking for soccer teams, Super Bowl parties, and enough gatherings to wear out many cooking pits, I found I was always running from the grill to the kitchen.

Finally I realized that I needed an outside kitchen. So what does an outside kitchen need:

♦ Large sink for washing dishes and hands.

♦ Small refrigerator for drinks and wines.

♦ Storage area, spice rack, and cooking tools.

♦ Outside stove top burners.

♦ Electric and water supply and plumbing.

♦ A nice grill to cook on. After research I found outside grills must be high quality stainless steel. The bad news is outside kitchens cost more than inside kitchens.

The good news is you can cook outside on the finest cooking machine made.

The pit I chose is made by T.E.C. It can melt butter on a plate on low or if necessary turned up to 1,700 degrees and cook with infrared heat. You can actually cook steak and potatoes to perfection for 100 people in one hour. That's really cooking. Clean up is easy because the sink is outside. Deck & Patio is now building custom outside kitchens.

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