St. Pias Church - Momith Hall
(clean and seal stone)

Sherron Romer (clean and seal deck and railing)

Joe Hoonan (clean and seal deck)

Dina Selua (renew deck and treehouse)

Dr. Dennis McKintosh (clean and seal deck, porch and garage floor)

Danny Gold (deck buiding)

Bill Harris (clean & seal deck and arbor)

A. D. Loveland (renew fence)

Marge Present (build deck)

Jim McGartle (clean and seal deck)

Steve Fogel (clean and seal pebblestone and flagstone)

Rusty & Brenda Collins (paint house and clean limestone)

Marge Present (clean and seal deck)

Jim Ankeny (build new deck)

Rosa Ramierz (clean and seal gazebo)

Sol Wylan (build fence)

Marrian Denney (cleaned mold and mildew from house and mailbox)

Braid Rollins (clean/seal deck, build fence and gate)

Dan Meyer (clean/seal 3 decks and pool flagstone)

West Holland (clean old stain off house)

Gina Groomer (Eave repair, paint house)

Please call or email us for contact information we will be happy to provide you with for any of these specific projects.

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