Cleaning and Sealing Tips

Don't forget safety. Protect your body. Be especially careful about your eyes and hands. Don't let them come into contact with any sealer, stripper or wood brightener.

Always cover the grass and plants before spraying sealer, stripper or brightener.

"Cut in" areas right next to your home with a stain brush.

Use a 8" x 36" shield to block any overspray of objects you don't want sealed.

The sealer, stripper and brightener can be applied using a sprayer, roller or brush.

To clean any mess that may have been made with the sealer, wipe off the area, then apply stripper with a rag and wipe off the area again.

Always follow the grain of wood. More brushing and stripper may be needed depending on the condition of the deck.

Use a water hose and spray nozzle to remove debris from the deck.

For ease and water conservation, you may want to use a power washer.

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