Tips & Advice on Pebblestone Sealing

Pebblestone finished concrete is created when the contractor orders concrete with specially sized rock to be added to the normal cement mixture. Next, the contractor trowels the cement smooth and waits about an hour for it to set. After the concrete has set, water is used to wash the concrete from the surface, exposing the ordered rocks. The concrete with the exposed pebbles is then left to dry.

The problem with this application is the exposed rocks (pebblestones) have a thin layer of concrete on them.

The solution: Allow the concrete to cure 14 days, then acid was the rocks. This will chemically remove the concrete film from the rocks allowing you to see the natural golden color of the rocks - instead of the white concrete film.

Sealing: After the pebblestone has been acid washed and power washed, allow to dry for 24 hours. There are two methods of sealing available:

1. Seal with a clear acrylic and get a wet look allowing the rock color to stand out

2. Seal with penetrating sloxene sealer to have a natural flat finish.

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